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Please Send Post Cards

Post Card Journeys Second Call

The post cards are coming in and beginning to fill the case I have for them. I am enjoying the cretivity, imagination and bizarreness of some of the pieces. The variety is amazing.
Some of these small and personal aesthetic messages bring on the nostalgia and I get this desire to see old friends and meet some of these people who I don't know yet.

Keep them coming. If you've already sent one (or many), thank you. There is still plenty time for more.

It's easy to do.

Pick a card, make a card, steel a card.

Think of something to say.

Begin the text with "Dear Tom" or something similar.

Throw a stamp on it and send it to.

Allied Arts
1418 Cornwall Avenue
PO Box 2584
Bellingham Washington 98227

I will display the cards at the show and there will be post cards at the opening to send out. My objective is to open up the idea of a group show to really be inclusive, so that people who may never have a chance to participate in a gallery event can, and also to expand the scope of the show by sending postcards out into the world as part of the display I have also set up a blog site to display some of the cards as soon as they begin arriving.

Thank you all

Tom Semple

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Post Cards

The Journeys Show will open on the June 5th at the Allied Arts Gallery. Thanks for all the cards. I counted about 3 weeks ago and we had over 100 cards. I look forward to seeing the rest at the opening. As you see from the photos there are some great works of art. I even got one with food in it but it smelled a bit so they tossed the food and saved the card it came on. It's been great hearing from all of you that I know and meeting (through the artwork) those of you that I haven't met. Winter in the wet northwest can be a bit isolating and these cards helped me through my first winter here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Post Cards

Lots of new stuff coming in. Thanks to John Robert and his friends for getting into this little project. Ellensburg seems to be very quiet though? I look forward to seeing what everyone there sends in. So far nothing from Southeast Asia or Africa either. There's still time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cards are still arriving and now's the time to send out your first, second or tenth. the more the merrier. Thanks everyone for contributing.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Arrivals

Original work from Missoula.

As the work begins to arrive I am struck by how personal the cards feel. Even the ones from people I do not know, They carry a weight that's attached to post cards received and sent in the past. Memories of envy and gratitude.

Some of them hold surprise that I never expected, like this one written from the past. (to see the text, come to the opening)

Keep them coming. Send as many as you can.

The post cards are beginning to arrive. I have pictures that I will post later today. Keep them coming. It's more than ok to send more than one.